Onboarding Emails

Writing your Invite Email
Onboarding > Invite Email

This will be the default email you send out to prospective community members to invite them to your community. Anyone who clicks an invitation link pasted in that email will be directed to your community sign up page. If they are on mobile, they will first be directed to the App Store to download the Framework app.

Your invite email is a great place to sell prospective members on the value of your community, give a brief overview of what happens there, and make a case for why someone would want to be a part of your community.

Writing your Welcome Email

Onboarding > Welcome Email

Anyone who signs up for your community will immediately be sent your Welcome Email. Your welcome email is a great place to express your excitement that they have joined your community and suggest some first steps to get started on the new platform. Feel free to encourage them to start a course, join a group, sign up for an event, or whatever else you think would be best to get them feeling comfortable in their new community.

Community Terms of Use

Your community Terms of Use will serve as a rule handbook and articulation of community culture. Each new member who signs up will first have to read through your community guidelines before they can enter the community. If you have any rules, values, or goals you want to make sure all members are on the same page about, this is where you should share those. The community terms of use are also a great place to put any waivers or paperwork that should be reviewed in advance of joining the community. If you need to confirm your members' acknowledgement of your terms of use, you can click the box that says "Require member to check box."

User Sign In Troubleshooting

We now offer a handy magic sign in link for pre-existing users!

If a user attempts to sign up using an email that already exists on Framework, that user will be prompted to sign in with a magic link instead. The user will be emailed the magic link, which, when clicked will successfully add them to their new community.