Member Management

Managing Admin Capabilities

In your members tab, you can see a list of all members in your community as well as which challenges they have enrolled in. This is where you can manage your members and designate which of your members have role-based capabilities.

Member Profiles Members > Member Name

By clicking the name of any of your members, you can view that member's:

  • Framework activity
  • Email address and Bio
  • Groups joined
  • Events attended
  • Courses enrolled
  • To change a member's start date in a course: Go to Courses > Actions > Change Start Date
  • Payments completed
  • Products enrolled
  • Emails received
  • To resend any email to a member, click the Resend button under Email > Actions
  • Payment and product activity (see when a member has 1) gained product access and 2) paid for product)

Creating Member Roles

Members > Roles > Add Role

Roles allow you to give certain members within your community special permissions. You can create a new Role in your community from the Roles tab in the Member directory in your Admin View. You can name this role whatever you'd like, although most often we see Coaches, Mentors, or Guides.

Once you've decided on a name for your new role, you can assign it a color and give it any of the following permissions:

  • Create Events: Allow role to create events in the community
  • Create Groups: Allow role to create groups in this community
  • Post in Admin-Only Spaces Allow role to post in admin-only spaces
  • Offer Scheduling: Allow role to set up calendar and offer 1:1 scheduling
  • Upon enabling this, any member with this role will be able to add a scheduling link to their profile, enabling other members to then schedule a meeting with that Member in two clicks: first clicking their profile and then clicking Book a Session.
  • Request Member Details (upon request): Allow role to request access to member details from other members

Manually Adding Members to Challenges

Did a challenge start before one of your participants made it in? No worries! You can add someone to a fixed start challenge after the challenge has started. Once a member has been added to the challenge, they’ll be dropped into point in the drip cycle that every other participant is at.

You can also add a flexible start challenge to a members account without starting it for them (starting the challenge is available a secondary option). Once a member has been added to a flexible start challenge, they’ll see it in their left navigation as an unstarted challenge.

Inviting Members via CSV Uploads

Members > Invite

If you have an email list, you can use the CSV upload option to quickly invite your entire list to your community.

Head over to Members and click Invite. Upload your CSV into the CSV field, and click send. It may take a few minutes for our system to process the file, after which your mailing list will receive an invite to join your community.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, please set up your CSV to have one column titled Email, with all the emails organized in rows below. You can have other columns with different titles (Name, Source etc.) as well—it won’t impact the invites, as long as there is one column specifically called Email.