Sharing Your First Challenge


A helpful list of considerations to get the most out of your first (or fifth!) challenge.

1. Set up your profile
Adding a profile photo and bio to your profile settings help people get to know who is behind the challenge.

2. Branding
Open Settings to customize the general look and feel of your challenge community.

3. Navigation
Does your community need global announcements? Do you want to show or hide other members of the community? Head to Navigation to make adjustments.

4. Challenge
Remember to click "Publish" when you're ready to share your challenge. Also be sure to setup your Challenge Landing page to your liking.

5. Integrations
You can optionally enable integrations under Settings if you need to:

  • Facilitate on-platform payments: Stripe
  • Make it dead simple to setup live events: Zoom
  • Connect Framework to an external CRM: Zapier


You can specify what invitees see first when they join. If it's your first challenge, we recommend inviting people directly to that challenge:

And you're off! Let us know how we can help at