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The four tools you need to run a profitable challenge

Jul 18, 20222 minute read

Challenges are one of the best ways to grow your business and drive tangible outcomes for your customers.

When it comes to running a successful challenge, there are only 4 tools you’ll need to make sure your next challenge is a home run:

  1. A software to build your landing pages and capture emails

We recommend using clickfunnels for landing pages and to capture customer emails. If you’re not already using clickfunnels they have a 14 day free trial which you can take advantage of here. It’s super simple to use with almost zero tech knowledge required. Their drag and drop feature allows anyone to build beautifully designed landing pages and opt-in forms to capture emails. Framework also offers a landing page builder for your challenge, as well as a CSV download of the emails of each member who signs up.

2. A payment processor (if you’re charging for your challenge)

Stripe is always a great tool to use for processing payments. It’s simple to use and their dashboard allows you to track all of your sales seamlessly in one place. It also integrates with hundreds of tools, including clickfunnels, which is a huge bonus.

3. An email marketing tool to send emails to the people that sign up for your challenge.

There are many options to choose from but many of our customers have found ActiveCampaign to be their best options. It’s affordable, easy to learn, and has excellent deliverability which is very important when it comes to email marketing. Just like clickfunnels, they also have a free trial which you can check out here. Framework also has various email automation capabilities, such as automated daily drip emails for each day of your challenge or community Spaces set up to function as newsletters–with each post automatically mailed out to your participants.

4. A platform to host and run your challenge and community.

We highly recommend using Framework. Yes, that’s right… we’re recommending our own platform but it really is the ultimate challenge platform. Here at Framework we’ve built the only all-in-one challenge platform designed with coaches, community builders, and entrepreneurs in mind! With Framework you’ll be able to take your members on a guided journey towards a shared goal, offer community spaces for a sense of belonging and accountability, and even extend the value of your challenge by creating membership options for your participants. On top of that, Framework offers analytics that show you where people drop off and who needs your help, providing the insight needed to make your challenge even better and prove that it works.

Alright let’s recap the 4 tools we recommend for running a successful and profitable challenge…

1. Clickfunnels for landing pages and capturing emails

2. Stripe for processing payments

3. Active Campaign for email marketing

4. for hosting and running your challenge

With just these four tools alone, you’ll be well on your way towards crushing your first (or next) challenge.

If you’re interested in learning more about Framework or challenges, please sign up for a free trial or book a demo with one of our product specialists who can walk you through the product and answer any of your questions.

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