What is a Challenge?

A Challenge is a time-bound learning journey with a clearly defined goal that has been broken down into manageable action steps. These action steps (whether they are daily, weekly or at a frequency of your choice) make the challenge’s end goal feel more attainable as the participants make measurable progress towards their goal each day.

What happens during a Challenge?

By using Framework to create your Challenge, you can create a path that guides your audience on their journey from Point A to Point B. Between these two points, you can create a checklist of action steps that your participants are expected to complete from Day 1 through to the end of the challenge. Examples of action steps are small tasks like watching a video, responding to a journal prompt, attending a live video meeting, going for a run, sharing in a discussion forum, and anything in between!

What happens at the end of a Challenge?

At the end of the Challenge, i.e. at Point B, you can present participants who have successfully completed the Components a Reward. This Reward could be any of these things. - a certificate - an invitation to a community - the offer to purchase a course - the offer to book a 1:1 coaching session with you - the offer to buy a physical product - or even another Challenge!

What can I use a Challenge for?

Challenges are an incredibly powerful tool for helping people attain goals. They are highly engaging, help you build trust with customers, and give people low-stakes exposure to your offerings in a gamified way. While your customers use your challenge to reach their goals, your business will also benefit from: - Increased customer engagement - Natural community building - Easy lead generation - Increased product sales - ... and much more!

How much does it cost to build a Challenge?

Our professional plan is $99/month + 5% of sales that flow through the Framework platform. We also offer an enterprise plan which includes your own branded mobile application.

How long does it take to build a Challenge?

This is a function of how long your challenge is, but you could launch your challenge in less than an hour if you have your content ready to go.

Why should I use Framework?

Framework is the first-of-its-kind platform dedicated to hosting and running challenges. No more stitching together different tools for your challenge. With Framework, you’ll have an all-in-one platform for a superior user experience and higher success rates. Framework is also a white label solution, meaning you can use Framework to boost the visibility of your brand and strengthen the loyalty of your customers. Last but not least, Framework gives you full control of members of your community meaning your customers belong to you, not us.

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