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Framework weekly product update email – April 21st, 2022

Apr 22, 20225 minute read

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Dear Friends of Framework,

This week we have... a lot to share with you. Even the product update itself got an update! Fortunately everything we have to share is super exciting so it should be a quick read 🤓 Here are the highlights:

🪞Introducing: Reflection prompts

  • Admins can now add a Reflection component to their challenge lessons! These are prompts for members to reflect on, that they can save to their private journal. In the near future, we’re excited to use this new UX to allow a reflection to be seamlessly shared socially in any challenge space.
  • Towards this end, Members will now see the Journal as a lesson component, rather than as a tab beside the components. Each Reflection saved by a member will be saved in their Private Journal as well as within the lesson. They are also able to edit their reflection within the journal at any time.
Admins can specify any the question/prompt, instructions, and time estimate for their reflection.

📈 Introducing “Forms” (the new and improved Trackers)

  • Trackers have been a long-standing way for you to add meaningful interaction to challenges — for example by asking a member log an activity each day. We believe that this functionality is extremely powerful and can be even more useful to you and your members. That’s why today, we’re introducing Forms (the new and improved Trackers)
Forms include all of the same functionality as trackers, but are even more versatile and can finally be used to support often-requested use cases like “Surveys” or “Quizzes”
  • We’re so excited to be expanding this feature set, and can’t wait to hear your feedback. There will be a series of enhancements coming over the next few weeks, but as of this week you can now:
  • View a full list of all members that have responded to a Form
  • See how a individual member responded
  • Export member responses to csv or Excel

💬 See spaces within a challenge

  • Previously, it was never that clear which spaces belonged to a specific challenge vs the global community. To help clear this up, if an admin has added a space into a challenge, Members will now see it listed under that challenge in their left side navigation.

⚙️ Modify Challenge Space settings within the Challenge Builder

  • To help make for a more seamless challenge building experience, Admins can now edit challenge spaces within the challenge builder!
  • Challenge Spaces have the same settings options as Global Spaces, although they don’t support Newsletter mode, allow for showcased or featured items, or allow for changes to visibility or payment settings.

💌 Edit email notifications from the challenge builder

  • Challenge email notifications are an essential way to bring participants back to their challenge each day. To help call more attention to the feature, Admins now see an "email notification" column in their challenge lesson tables, which they can turn on or off with a toggle.
  • Once toggled on, they can edit that email notification through the drop down menu beside every lesson.

🤹 Improvements to component UI/UX

  • We split our media file component into two components: media files (a video or audio file) and documents (a PDF or an image). Splitting out these two kinds of files will allow members to multitask—keep watching video or listening to audio while engaging with a PDF or image.
We also updated our component picker UI!

➕ Smoother flow for creating a new community

  • One of the coolest things about Framework is that anyone in a community is welcome to create their own community! If a Member wants to create an additional community, they now have a plus button at the bottom of the community picker nav that will allow them to quickly create that community. (Note: this option is not available to Members in enterprise communities)
  • We also cleaned up the UX here to ensure that all Members are successfully dropped in the Builder View of their new community.

👁️ See all invited members in Pending tab

  • A seamless invite process is an essential part of making it dead simple to launch a challenge. Now, all members that are invited by Email, will show up under the pending tab until they join the community.

🎨 UI Improvements

  • The drop-zone for files being dragged into a post has now been expanded. The attachment preview is now stuck to the bottom of the post dialog, so that previews will no longer scroll out of view when post text is entered.
  • In challenges, we increased the size of video play button and cleaned up the header on challenge landing page.
  • We cleaned up our challenge builder navigation, correcting alignment issues and removing expand/collapse functionality.

🐛 Bugs squashed and small changes

  • Removed ability for members able to start a challenge with a start date in the past. If a Member tries to start a challenge with a start date in the past, they’ll see a deactivated button alongside "Enrollment closed.”
  • Added In a missing progress/loading indicator while analytics are refreshing
  • Corrected inconsistent padding between file previews for posts with multiple attachments
  • Resolved issues with editing layout changes in posts.
  • Added a max character length to the Challenge name to prevent wrapping
  • Stopped instances of card text wrapping unnecessarily
  • Corrected issues with certain DMs appearing at bottom of DM list
  • Resolved issues with Spaces failing to load
  • Events and Groups pages are now hidden by default in new communities
  • Stopped misbehaving scroll behavior in the Component Editor
  • Added a home page highlight when Challenge Lessons from checklist are opened
  • Fixed issues with copy-pasting allowing admins to surpass character limits
  • Resolved image shifting behavior when reacting to a post with multiple images

Phew! That was a lot! If you made it here, thank you for giving us your time and attention. If you're looking for more from us, check out one of our latest blog posts, which is all about why exactly challenges run on Framework are so much more successful than challenges run on Facebook.

As always, we’re so appreciative to hear your feedback as the product evolves. Please hit reply with any questions or thoughts for us.



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