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Interview: Mike Collins

Apr 05, 20222 minute read

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Introducing Mike Collins

Mike Collins the founder of and a former sugar addict. For the past 30 years he has not consumed sugar in any form – at least not intentionally.

His interest in sugar addiction began in the early days of his recovery from substance use disorder. As he weaned himself off other substances he noticed that his relationship to, and his consumption of, sugar was beginning to resemble his other addictions. Curious and concerned, he started to talk about this with his recovery buddies. This led him to decide to quit sugar with the help of some amazing mentors. Since then he has helped hundreds of people personally and thousands online – quit, reduce or get under control runaway sugar use.

After many years of successfully starting, scaling and selling businesses, Michael decided that what really made him happy was helping people break their addictions of all kinds and come out the other side happier and healthier.

We asked Mike a few questions about his community on Framework.

Framework: Hi Mike, where did you see the opportunity for your business?

Mike Collins: So far, most of my interactions with people who want to quit their sugar addiction were on social media or through email. I was searching for a new solution that would help me move my audience off social media platforms such as Facebook and engage with them more directly to build stronger relationships. My goal was to do both educating people in an engaging way and build the important part of a healing, long term community with rich conversations. I have used Challenges before as they are an incredible format for getting people to achieve a specific goal; therefore, I wanted to combine Challenge & Community to scale my business and get it to the next level.

Framework: Why did you choose Framework?

Mike Collins: Initially, I couldn't find a platform that would support my business needs until I came across Framework. From the beginning, it seemed to be the solution I was looking for – a combination of education and community platform putting the Challenge at its core. Also, the team at Framework really understands the needs of business owners who want to help their clients via a mix of engaging content and interactive connection that creates tremendous value for everyone. Members of my Framework community can take Challenges and simultaneously work in peer groups on the same issues which is extremely powerful. Last but not least, I have the opportunity to build strong relationships that allow me to present higher value programs and services to my audience, so they continue the learning journey and cement their sugar free life.

Framework: What about your results with Framework?

Mike Collins: I've built a paid 30-day Sugar Free program and offer 1:1 coaching on Framework. We're up to 774 members and 22% of them have signed up for paid 1:1 coaching. Best of all, I know my challenge is working because the in-depth Framework analytics tool shows me that my Day 30 Daily Retention is 50% and Day 30 Weekly Retention is 60%. Meaning that 50% of my clients watch ALL of the videos for 30 straight days! That metric is unheard of on other platforms I’ve used before. Framework is hands down the best platform out there if you're looking for a private, distraction-free environment to share content and build a supportive, healing community around Challenges.

Framework: Thank you Mike for your commitment – we're really happy to hear about your good results with Framework. Best of luck with the next Challenge!

You can learn more about Mike Collins at

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