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Framework weekly product update email – May 12th, 2022

May 12, 20223 minute read

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Dear Friends of Framework,

Greetings from sunny NYC 🌞 The highlights this week are some big improvements to our Challenge look and feel for Members. Check it out below:

🪓 Split screen challenge experience for Members

  • We’re excited to bring the split screen updates we made for Admins to Members in this release! Components are the central part of challenges and lessons, and we want to make engaging with them as intuitive as possible. The lesson experience was previously centered around the media player, but as our component types expand, a different lesson layout makes more sense for Members.
  • With a component open from the lesson list, Members can scroll the lesson list and component content independently or close out of a component to return to the full screen view of the Lesson List. To account for this new layout, Members will now see lesson text and comments only below the media components.
  • Additionally, marking an exercise or reflection as complete now will transition a Member to a screen with a "Completed" indicator 😊

🔢 See challenge enrollment from the Member table

  • Admins can now see a "Challenges" column in the Member table, where they can see the number of challenges a Member is in. Additionally, hovering over the number will reveal a list of the challenges the member is in, split up by status: either enrolled, active, or completed.
The number will be highlighted in green if the member is in an active challenge or enrolled in a fixed start challenge that has not yet started, and the number will be highlighted grey if the member is not in an active challenge.
  • Admins can also now filter Members by challenge in the Members table.

📑 Admin navigation and Spaces UI/UX improvements

  • The Spaces tab has been moved from the left navigation into the “Navigation” tab, to make it clearer that Spaces will also be appearing in the left navigation for Members.
  • The other pages included in Navigation have also now been labeled "Community Pages.”

➕ New ways to add members to challenges

  • Admins can now add someone to a fixed start challenge after the challenge has started. Once a member has been added to the challenge, they’ll be dropped into the point in the drip cycle that every other participant is at.
  • Admins can also now add a flexible start challenge to a members account without starting it for them (starting the challenge is available a secondary option). Once a member has been added to a flexible start challenge, they’ll see it in their left navigation as an unstarted challenge.

🐛 Bugs squashed

  • Improved load time in Analytics tab.
  • Resolved issues with exporting the Member list
  • Fixed a bug in the Form editor where writing a long question made the question number disappear and icon shrink.
  • Stopped unnecessary appearances of the cancel / discard confirmation in the Form editor.
  • The text field in the question editor now expands so Admins can see their full question.

Thanks for taking the time to read about what we’re up to! As always, please hit reply with questions or ideas for us. It’s ultimately your feedback that informs what we’re most excited to build next.



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