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Framework weekly product update email – April 29th, 2022

Apr 29, 20223 minute read

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Dear Friends of Framework,

Greetings from NYC 👋  This week, Rush–our Founder & CEO–shared his thoughts on the power of challenges on the podcast Entrepreneur on Fire 🔥 give it a listen here!

Otherwise, Framework is rounding out April with another round of exciting improvements to our Admin experience! Here are the highlights from this week:

👀 Preview the full member experience from the challenge builder

  • Seeing how the challenge is going to look for a Member is one of the biggest motivators towards launching a challenge. To that end, we’re excited to introduce an easy way to preview a Challenge as you are building it.
Admins can now click “Preview” to look at the full member experience: the Challenge lesson list, Challenge components, and any Challenge spaces—i.e. what will it feel like and look like for members to go through the challenge.

✍️ Create a form within the challenge builder

  • The act of adding a New Tracker to a Challenge was previously disjointed from the rest of the Challenge setup experience. We’re excited to introduce the ability to create a new form from within the challenge builder.
Now, if an admin adds a form as a component, they get to choose between creating a new form or adding an existing one.

❌ Exclude posts from specific Spaces from Home page

  • By default, posts from all Spaces that a member belongs to will show up on the Home page. To account for instances in which this might not serve a community’s structure, Admins can now exclude posts from any space from being shown on the Home page.

📤 See email deliverability status

  • Admins can now see whether or not an email has been successfully delivered to a member in the Members tab!
Members > [Member] > Emails

🐛 Bugs squashed and small changes

  • Challenge Title allowed you to add more than the max 100 characters
  • Removed default journal titles from new entries
  • Resolved instances of journal entires crossing into different community space
  • Stopped upsell popup from appearing in incorrect communities
  • Landing page descriptions are now hidden if empty
  • Admin can no longer change the start date of a fixed start challenge after it has started
  • Resolved instances of YouTube links appearing as a documents
  • Fixed issues causing “Specified course does not exist” error when viewing a challenge
  • Resolved instances of missing comment counts on posts

⚠️ A note about the future of our Journal

  • For all of our existing customers: The challenge "Journal" questions will be merging into "Reflection" components. We believe this will be more intuitive for your members, because challenge questions can now be an explicit step of the challenge. Existing Journal responses will live on as posts in the Journal space, rather than living under their usual tab in the Challenge lesson. If you have a challenge with Journal questions, we'd ask that you please migrate them to Reflections over the next couple of weeks. This will improve the overall member experience, making journal "reflections" a more intuitive and powerful step within the Challenge experience. This change won’t happen for a couple of weeks, and we’ll be sending out an additional reminder right before the change does happen, so you have plenty of time to migrate any Journal questions!

As always, thank you for taking the time to keep in touch. If you're looking for more from us, check out one of our latest blog posts, which is all about why exactly challenges run on Framework are so much more successful than challenges run on Facebook.



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